The Kodava Story

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About Kodagu

Kodagu or Coorg, is perched on the Western Ghats of India. It is known for its breath-taking scenery – rugged hills, dense tropical forests teeming with wildlife, lush coffee plantations on hill slopes, green rice fields in the valleys, winding streams and rivers.

“Kodavas”, among the original inhabitants of the land are known for their bravery and prowess in warfare. Traditionally ancestor worshippers, they have strong ties to the land and nature.

About Us

Our cultural organization serves as a primary point of contact for all the Kodavas based in Canada. We strive to provide a platform to engage all the Kodavas socially and culturally, thereby promoting a feeling of fraternity amongst the Canadian Kodavas. 

We promote and support all Kodavas through professional networking opportunities with other Kodavas. We also provide support for and assist any development activities in Kodagu.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unify and engage the Kodava community based in Canada, to provide a platform to promote and pass on the tradition and culture to the next generation and serve as a resource for information and support to our fellow Kodavas.

Glimpses of Kodava culture


The Kodava bangle


The birthplace of the holy Kavery river

Igguthappa Temple

Igguthappa - the Lord of the rains and crops


Symbol of marriage

Coffee Blossom

Good times ahead


Triveni Sangama - Confluence of Kavery, Sujyothi and Kanike


Red cherries waiting to be picked

Tea Estate

Another popular crop


Traditional bridal jewellery

Ganga Pooja

At the wedding

Peeche Kathi

Men's ornamental dagger

Thook Bolcha

The sacred lamp


Ancestral shrine

Naati Pani

In the paddy field


Traditional jewellery

Baale Birud

A privilege to chop at weddings